My husband said he’s probably going to drink one of my three Octobery beers and I’m really fucking mad about it, but I’m trying to figure out if this is a legitimate mad or if I’ve just got some PMS rage going on. I really don’t know.

My appointment with the dermatologist to get my various moles and whatnots looked at is in an hour and, really, I’m so nervous about this that I want to puke.

chikoringo replied to your post: **WARNING** (WAY) TMI TUESDAY

Noooooo, not good. Mastitis?

God, I hope not. I think its just been used and abused. 

I forgot to invite my parents to my father-in-law’s memorial service tomorrow. 


That’s not going to be a fun conversation.


Oh god, let’s just blame it on the fact that it’s early and despite being up for 2 hours, I’m still not quite fully awake, but I just commented on something on Facebook and lawd, I hope everyone understands it’s a joke.  Seriously, though, if anyone thinks that I really find the word “vagina” offensive and not fit to say in front of women or mixed company, I will die.   Because really.   But you know there is someone out there that doesn’t know about what happened and probably won’t read the sarcasm.   

The point of this post is I probably should probably treat FB comments like I do most of my Tumblr replies - type it out and then delete it before hitting send so that nobody knows the true levels of my (insert appropriate word here because I can’t quite come up with one right now).

My belly is so full of Vietnamese food right now

Wherein I admit that I’m kind of old*…

I’m watching The Soup for the first time in years.  The last time I watched it, Greg Kinnear was the host, and I’m pretty sure it was called Talk Soup back then.

In related news, I found 2 new gray hairs today.

*Yet, my face is STILL breaking out like a teen.