Okay, yeah, I am going to post my final edit of the video I worked on all day. Because I worked on it all day, and this one is the best version.

I know not many people watch videos on tumblr, but I hope you will watch and share this one. Not because I want reblogs, but because I want everyone to see what the people of America have united for this year.

I took most of these photos myself. The rest I got from friends or the internet. Included are the Wisconsin protests, Slutwalk Chicago, Occupy Wall Street, protests against the execution of Troy Davis, the UC bake sale protest, LGBTQ protests, and more.

What you will see in this video - Americans from all walks of life coming together to fight for their rights, and for the rights of others. 

What you will not see in this video (with the exception of some police brutality) - violence, hatred, greed, or discrimination. 

I could ask America to wake up. But I think most of us are awake. It’s the people in power who aren’t. 

Do not ever stop fighting. Sooner or later, they will have to listen.


Everything about this is flawless. Thank you for creating this.

This was very powerful and awesome.  Thank you.