I can’t stop laughing at that gif of Mark Ruffalo and Paul Rudd. His face when he walks by is KILLING ME.

Album Art


Cake | I Will Survive [Gloria Gaynor cover]

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TitleI Will Survive [Gloria Gaynor cover]
AlbumFashion Nugget

Bug just busted out a perfectly clear and unmistakeable “whatever”. God. She’s not even 2 and she’s already a surly teen.

Having a bug bite right on your bra line is a special kind of hell.

I had a dream where some girl paid like $3000 for the “honor” of being Justin Bieber’s manager or PR person, and I was so furious about her paying to do it that I busted into wherever he was and told him how if he kept acting like he’s been acting, nobody is going to give a shit about him in like a year and how he’s ruining everything for himself and other people, blah blah blah, and I was rude about it. And then his team of people hired me to basically be his minder.  

Also, Charlie Hunnam was the girl’s bodyguard, but he was wearing the most horrible denim jumpsuit with a design on it.

Why am I dreaming about Justin Bieber?



Classic Design

Ericfon | Designed in the late 1940s by Gösta Thames, Ralph Lysell, and Hugo Blomberg for Ericsson in Sweden | Manufactured and distributed in the U.S. by North Electric | Included in the MoMA collection in NY

It was the first phone to go on the market with the dial and handset in a single unit. Because of its styling and its influence on future telephone design, the Ericofon is considered one of the most significant industrial designs of the 20th century.

The Ericofon (aka Scandiphone) is produced today by Wild and Wolf.

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Actually, who am I kidding? I’m probably just going to eat it by the spoonful and it will be gone by tonight.

But because feeling sick never stops me from eating or talking about eating, I will talk about the pesto that my mom made me yesterday and how I am going to put it on every single thing I can until its gone.  Which will be, like, tomorrow at the latest?

I’m ready for morning sickness to go away now, please.

You know what would make this vase better? Painting pictures of orgies on it that’s what. — the Ancient Greeks, probably (via textpost-blog)

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I was clearing out some texts tonight and accidentally deleted all the ones to and from my sister. I’m sad because there were some hilarious things and great pictures in there, but at the same time, it cleared up probably 2 GB of space on my phone.

I watched my 6 year old nephew during the day all week and I am fucking exhausted.

Please, someone tell me that your supply of patience just magically multiplies with each kid you have.


And Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car is playing on the radio so this is the best lunch ever, really.

We are having a very grown up lunch today.

We are having a very grown up lunch today.